My First Friday Favorites!

Happy almost-weekend everyone!! Are you all as ready for it as I am? Today after work, Bart and I are making our way back to Eastern Washington to visit my family and attend the wedding of two of my really good high school friends. I can’t wait to catch up with everyone and am definitely in need of a short break from the city after a crazy week at work.

In true blogger fashion, I’m teaming up with Heather at Life in Leggings to bring you my first ever Friday Favorites. For those of you unfamiliar with the blog world, this is just a list of some of the things that made me smile this past week that just might make you smile too!


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray— My stylist told me they refer to it as “hair crack” and I completely understand why now. This stuff is amazing! I had never used dry shampoo until recently because no matter how much I used, my hair always still looked semi-greasy. This spray completely, 100% worked though! For any of you ladies out there looking to save some time in the morning, you definitely need to try it!

froyo bars

Simple Truth Strawberry Vanilla Greek Yogurt Bars— Because this is a new blog, you may or may not know that I am OBSESSED with all things sweet and dessert-y. So when I was able to find a dessert that is a little better for me and still completely delicious, I was sold! These bars remind me of strawberries and cream ice cream and hit the spot after a long and hot Seattle day.


Famous Daves Sweet and Spicy Pickles–While shopping Costco last weekend, Bart and I found jumbo jars of these babies and we have been tearing through the jar all week. I have no idea why pickles are making my favorites list, but after coming home from work and eating 10 of them straight from the jar, I figured it was necessary to include them.


Lean In— For any of you looking to learn more about how to drive your career, this is a MUST read! Sheryl Sandberg is the Chief Operations Officer at Facebook and pretty much a genius when it comes to being a successful business lady. She talks about a number of different actions you can take to be successful and I always feel so inspired after reading a chapter or two.

This yoga video— With my knee and ankle being a little out of whack lately, I’ve been focusing on doing other types of workout to let me body heal. This is probably one of the best parts of my eating disorder recovery–I let my body rest when it needs to and actually enjoy my workouts without pushing myself too hard. This video fits a solid yoga sequence into about 35 minutes and you can do it from anywhere! Plus, there are tons of other yoga videos on this site that are completely free. Anyone looking to get into yoga but not looking to spend the money every session should definitely check it out.


This boy–Always my favorite, but especially this week as I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to get this blog up and running! Bart was the one who finally convinced me to start this blog after talking about it for a while and I’m already so happy he did! He’s definitely a keeper 🙂

And that’s a wrap! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Are you a fan of yoga?

What are your plans for the weekend?


4 thoughts on “My First Friday Favorites!

  1. You and your boyfriend are so cute together! I just found your blog and definitely will continue to read, great posts and I relate a lot to you. I am a big fan of hot yoga, I like to go at least once a week, I just wish it was free! I’m going on a mini beach vaca this weekend! Happy Friday girl, enjoy your weekend!


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