What I Ate Wednesday: Eats from a Tuesday

Hey there everyone! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Today I am planning on bringing you a post full of food plus a new dinner recipe, but before I begin, I wanted to take a little time to talk more about relationships with food.

Our society does a great job of labeling certain foods as “bad” and others as “clean”. These words were a common part of my thought process as I decided what to eat everyday and the guilt associated with eating the “bad” foods was never worth the minute or two of joy I felt as I ate them. For some people, losing weight is necessary to become healthier and labeling foods in this manner can be a good way to stay on track. For others, these labels can be detrimental to our health and take away from truly leading healthy lives holistically.

I’m not a doctor, and I’m definitely not trying to keep people from eating healthy foods. As you look through my daily eats in this post, you’ll see majority of my choices during the week are fairly healthy. The point I’m trying to get across is that for some people, these labels can falsely advertise what we should and shouldn’t eat. Sometimes greasy french fries and a milkshake are necessary in your life; trust me, they make many appearances in mine! Other days, its better to just order a salad and drink a green smoothie. Once I was able to understand this better, I was so much happier and felt much less pressure when deciding what to munch on during the day. No foods are bad when eaten in moderation, so there shouldn’t be any guilt associated with eating them. Eating yummy food is one of the beauties of being human, so we should enjoy it rather than make it our enemy.

Life’s way too short to pass up the good stuff all the time, so just eat that cupcake you’ve been thinking about 🙂

Now on to the food. These are all of my eats from yesterday, a day that consisted of an RPM class and short core circuit plus a short walk during my lunch break. After sitting at a desk all morning, I love when I am able to get up and walk around for 15 to 20 minutes and enjoy being outdoors. And by the time I get back, I’m 100% ready for some grub. My eats clearly depict my active morning as the bottomless stomach made an appearance in my life again. It’s always a good day when you get to eat a lot of good foods throughout 🙂

smoothie 7.39.35 PM

Breakfast: I was lazy last night and didn’t make my typical overnight oats (shocker, I know!), so I pulled out the blender after getting back from the gym and threw together this yummy and extremely filling smoothie. It contained 1 banana, a handful or two of frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup vanilla greek yogurt, 3/4 cup of almond milk, and 1 big spoonful of peanut butter all blended up to perfection! I love taking smoothies to work because I feel like my breakfast is elongated rather than just devoured between email responses. Today’s smoothie lasted until around 9 AM, so I was tied over until lunchtime. I also had my typical big mug of coffee because there’s no way I could function without it.


Lunch: The protein and grain bowl from Costco is making an appearance again this week. I just can’t get over how yummy they are! Mine was topped with some rotisserie chicken and I nibbled on some watermelon on the side.


By the end of my 3PM meeting, I was ready to munch again. Luckily, I brought some baked snap peas to munch on; another delicious Costco purchase. These things taste kind of like chips and are the perfect salty snack.


Once I got home, this yummy banana bread had to happen. Yes, I have a different banana bread recipe I played with this weekend and will definitely be sharing it with you shortly because it turned out delicious!


I also had a handful of pretzel thins because Bart was munching on them and I couldn’t pass them up. My bottomless pit of a stomach was clearly back in action today.


Dinner was one of my favorite new recipes. Bart grilled up some salmon that we had marinated overnight in Yoshida’s teriyaki sauce and some crushed garlic while I put together rice bowls containing 1 sliced avocado, 2 eggs–scrambled and chopped, plus some homemade honey-teriyaki sauce made from 1 tbs. rice wine vinegar, 1 tbs. soy sauce, and 1 tbs. honey. These bowls were absolutely delicious! On the side, we had roasted brussel sprouts made from Julie’s recipe, which turned out phenomenal.

You all know me, there was no way I could go to bed without having a little somethin’ sweet. So an unpictured strawberry yogurt bar made an appearance again and was just what I needed to go to bed completely and utterly satisfied!

And that, my friends, was every single thing I put in my mouth yesterday. I have to tell you, Bart always laughs when I pull out my camera to snap pictures of my food on days like these. I guess he’s still adjusting to “Mackenzie the blogger” 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday folks!

What was your favorite meal yesterday?

Have you ever taken a picture of your food?


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