Thursday Thoughts: Living Happy

Good Morning Readers! How’s everyone doing? Today I’m switching things up and bringing you a post about something that may not necessarily be tied to food and fitness, but 100% has to do with living a healthy life: choosing to live happy.

As I sat in church on Sunday morning, the biggest message I took away from the sermon was that our happiness is directly controlled by how we choose to perceive things in our lives. For so many people, myself included, a number of things automatically cause us to have a little black cloud follow us throughout our day. Spilling coffee on yourself as you walk out the door before work turns your entire day sour far before it even gets going. Not getting a certain job equates to not being good enough to work at a certain company. Relationships falling apart mean that you just aren’t deserving of having those people in your life.

I bring up this topic because as I’ve grown older and moved away from home, a lot of things have changed in my life. I’ve applied for jobs and not received offers. I’ve spent my life training to be a collegiate athlete and had an eating disorder pull me away from the pool a year before I should have walked away. I’ve been shut out of the lives of some of my nearest and dearest friends from childhood without rhyme or reason. I’ve earned my degree as well as an exuberant amount of financial debt in four short years.  Needless to say, my life can look extremely messy and sometimes it’s hard to understand how I can choose to be happy about all of the negative things I’ve had to deal with.

Typically, I would just choose to focus on all of the positives in my life in order to claim to be a happy person and for the past four years, I’ve just tried to ignore all of the difficult things I’ve had to endure. But throughout the past few days as I’ve started a new job and felt like I’ve really kicked off my adult life, I’ve started taking Sunday’s sermon to heart and changing my perception of the things I was once ashamed of.


I didn’t get certain job offers because I wasn’t meant to end up on those career paths. Instead, I found an incredible company to work for that is full of passionate people and allows me to feel like I make a difference each and every day. Had I gotten offers at other firms, I never would have found this happiness in my career.


I had an eating disorder because I needed to find out what true health and happiness in life is. Although it was difficult to walk away from swimming a year before I was due, I was able to find true inner-peace and finally be content with the way my body is meant to look. My eating disorder gave me the ability to connect with other people who were struggling with similar problems and allowed me to help them through their dark days. Not only did I become even happier myself, but I was able to make others happier with their own lives.


I lost connections with a close cousin and some of my close friends because certain situations changed them into people who wouldn’t have provided me with much happiness in my life. It stings to watch relationships fall apart, but in the moments that I spend laughing and smiling with my close friends and family today, I realize more and more that I’d rather spend time nurturing these relationships than trying to revive those from my past. Things truly fall apart so that better things can come together. Case in point, my almost-3-year relationship with Bart 🙂


I entered the workforce in debt up to my eye balls, but have learned the true value of each paycheck and really started to figure out that money isn’t everything. True happiness is creating memories with loved ones and because I’m focused on paying of my debt as quickly as possible, I’ve had the ability to create some incredible memories doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with spending money.

So as I start out my real adult-life (yes, I’m just now considering myself a grown-up), I’m going to choose to be happy no matter where life may take me. Life is far too short to let the little things keep you from smiling and laughing every day.

Have a happy Thursday everyone and go Seahawks!! 🙂

Have you ever faced an unhappy event that you can choose to view positively?

Do you have any other Thursday thoughts to share? 


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Living Happy

  1. Everything definitely does happen for a reason! I’m constantly reminding myself of this when things don’t seem to be working out the way I planned… God has a plan, there is no need to worry.


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