A Long Weekend for the Books

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your long weekend? Mine was jam-packed with family, food, and a little relaxation–the absolute perfect mix of events over the course of my 3-day weekend. On Friday after work, Bart and I vetoed going out to dinner and came home to make our own pizza for the Husky game at 7:15. We were both exhausted and make some pretty bomb pizza on our own, so staying in was a good choice given the circumstances. The Dawgs didn’t come away with the win, but I feel a little bit better about our chances this season given their performance in the second half. Rumor has it my dad may have tickets for Bart and I for next weekends game, so fingers crossed everything works out and we can be a good luck charm at their season opener 🙂

Husky Football game last year when we weren't quite the good luck charms we hope to be this season.
Husky Football game last year when we weren’t quite the good luck charms we hope to be this season.

Saturday started with my typical RPM class and then I raced home to clean up my house before my family headed over for a fun-filled day in Seattle. A while back, my mom and I found a Groupon for a cooking class at an Italian restaurant in downtown Seattle and bought it for my Grandma and her sister for her birthday. Because summer is a crazy busy time for the restaurant, we ended up making our reservation for September, which was the reason they all came to visit this weekend. The boys headed out to a football game for my dad’s high school football team and our girls day started with a little shopping and a few drinks at the Melting Pot. We all got the berry mojitos and agreed they were one of the best drinks we’d ever had. If you haven’t tried one yet and enjoy sweet drinks, it’s definitely worth it!


After fighting our way through a massive rainstorm that broke out of no where, we made it back to my apartment to drop off all of our purchases and get ready for our dinner class. When we arrived to the restaurant which was referred to as “Little Italy”, we were greeted by three other couples who were going to be taking the class with us as well. After mingling for a little while and ordering a few glasses of wine, we went to our stations to get to work cookin’.

set up

The room was set up with a number of different stations and each person was assigned to a different task that contributed to the preparation of the entire meal.  It was so interesting to hear about the history of Italian cooking and we all learned a number of valuable lessons we can take back to our own kitchens. In the end, we created a delicious salad with lemon vinaigrette, some Italian pancakes with homemade marinara sauce,  a seasoned pork roast, pasta with homemade pork sauce, and homemade tiramisu. The pancakes were by far my favorite–who would’ve thought savory pancakes would be so awesome?!

Selfie with my Grandma before enjoying our fabulous creation!

After enjoying our dinner and saying goodbye to all of our new friends, we headed out to a bar to meet up with our boys for a few late night drinks to cap off the night. We ended up at a karaoke bar, which provided us with a lot of laughs to end our fun day before heading back to my apartment for a big sleepover.

We kicked Sunday off with a lazy morning filled with coffee and conversation to recap the night. After getting ready and saying good-bye to my Grandma and Aunt, my parents, Bart, and I went out for a quick brunch at one of my favorite places in the Seattle area, Portage Bay Cafe, before heading to the mall for a quick shopping trip. After our festivities the night before, we were all exhausted, so our shopping trip wasn’t as successful as we had hoped. My parents headed out shortly after we got back to my apartment and Bart and I spent the remainder of the day grocery shopping and lazing on the couch. This delicious cheesecake made it’s way into my life too, because recovering from the exhaustion of the weekend sometimes calls for sweets 🙂

Yes, I finished every last bite of this baby all on my own. No shame whatsoever! :)
Yes, I finished every last bite of this baby all on my own. No shame whatsoever! 🙂

Monday was filled with a long run (my first since my knee injury!), some baking, and a lot of laziness–just the combination I needed to get ready for the short week ahead. Bart and I also ventured out to Paint the Town and spent a few hours painting the afternoon away. We hadn’t been in almost 6 months, so it was nice to get the artistic juices flowing again.


Overall, the weekend was an absolute blast and I can’t wait to see my family again in a few weeks!

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Tune in tomorrow for a look at some food 🙂 Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Have you ever taken a cooking class?

What did you do over this past weekend?


2 thoughts on “A Long Weekend for the Books

  1. I never have taken a cooking class, but I think it would be a fun experience! I had a crazy busy weekend full of football games, sorority recruitments, my family visiting, and overall just lots of fun and love! Have a good week girl!


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