First Fall Football Weekend

Happy Monday morning readers! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I had been planning on pushing out my usual “Friday Favorites” post last week, but things ended up getting really crazy at work, so it didn’t quite pan out. This new job has proven to be really fun, but a total challenge at the same time. Not gonna lie, I totally love it! Anyways, I’m back this morning for a little catchin’ up and because it’s Monday, a weekend recap is on the menu.

Friday I ended up working later than planned, so the manicure I had scheduled didn’t quite happen. Bart ended up picking me up from work around 6:30 and we headed out to one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Bellevue, the 520 Bar & Grill.


It was a gorgeous evening, so we ended up sitting outside on the patio and soaking up the last little bit of summer before things turn rainy next week. I got my typical Friday glass of white wine and Bart had a drink or two while we split a huge plate of nachos that were pretty awesome. The rest of the night was spent lazing on the couch watching movies; typical lazy Friday in the lives of Bart and Mackenzie.

Saturday started with my usual trip to the gym before hurrying home to watch the Husky football game. The dawgs ended up rolling, 49-0, so it was a good day to wear purple and gold! 🙂 Afterwards, I did a little work and called into a few meetings (crazy week = busy weekend) before heading over to visit some of my best friends from college for a bbq. It was another gorgeous day, so it was so awesome to catch up with everyone while catching a few rays. This summer I barely saw the sun because I worked inside all day, so I stayed ridiculously white. This probably means I’ll be a complete ghost by Christmas. #businessgirlproblems

Sunday was a little more laid-back to start. After church, Bart and I came back to watch the Seahawks game over our typical Sunday morning pancakes. After staying at my house last weekend, my grandma gave me a new pancake griddle and it kicked butt today! Pancake Sunday will never be the same 🙂


Unfortunately, the Hawks lost and I didn’t get to watch much of the game because I was working, but it was a decent Sunday morning nonetheless. Later that afternoon, we headed over to Bart’s dad’s house for dinner and caught up with his side of the family for a bit. It was nice to catch up with everyone and not having to cook dinner after a day of work is always fabulous!

With that, my weekend came to a close. I’m sure another busy week is ahead of me, but I have a few fun posts planned for the week, so I’ll do my best to check back in starting tomorrow. Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! 🙂

How was your weekend?


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