Thinking Out Loud: Loving & Not Loving

How’s it going on this fine Thursday morning? I’m off to a slower start than normal today, mostly because it’s just too darn cold outside and getting out of bed to workout at 5:30AM is becoming a serious struggle. Nonetheless, I’m enjoying the peacefulness of my morning and couldn’t think of a better way to convey that than with a “Thinking Out Loud” post in conjunction with Amanda from Running With Spoons. These posts give me the ability to talk about whatever may pop into my mind as I begin writing and because I’ve had the ability to get off to a slower start, this seemed pretty fitting. I’m definitely more of a “themed” writer, so my version of mindless writing today will be focused on things I’m loving and not loving as they come to mind. Enjoy!


Loving: Fall is finally here and sweater weather is back! I’ve seriously been waiting for this change of seasons since the first 90+ degree day in Seattle. It’s really weird considering I grew up in Eastern Washington where anything over 90 in the summertime is basically the norm, but I couldn’t stand the constant heat over the past few months and am welcoming cooler temperatures with open arms. Plus the Pacific Northwest is absolutely gorgeous this time of year, which makes runs and walks that much more enjoyable.

Not Loving: 5:20AM alarms to head to the gym when it’s freezing and dark outside. Mentioned earlier, I know, but it deserved to be mentioned again. I sleep with my window open every night, which means I get extremely cozy and sleep like a rock, but then don’t want to move when my alarm goes off. Boo freezing mornings.

Loving: It was Bart’s last first day of classes yesterday (he’s wrapping up his final quarter of his undergrad and will be done officially in December). This meant that it was my first official “not first day of classes”. I’m not sure if this makes sense or is even notable to anyone else who has graduated college already, but I sure was happy to sit on my couch working from home instead of heading to class. Oh the joys of adulthood!


Not Loving:  Missing seeing my college friends every day. Yeah, I guess this part of adulthood kind of sucks.


Loving: This weekend, my parents are coming down to go to the Husky football game on Saturday with Bart and I and I couldn’t be more stoked. Not only because my parents are like my best friends and I haven’t seen them in a few weeks, but because it’s supposed to a gorgeous game-day at the best venue in college football (in my opinion 🙂 ).

Not Loving: For some reason, my phone won’t let me use the new Snapchat updates. I know they’re kind of funky and not exactly life-changing for my snapchat activities, but I’m still totally bummed that I can’t play with them. Darn you Android for not letting me have a rainbow come out of my mouth in my selfies!

Loving: This song.

#1–He’s from Seattle. #2–This song is adorable. #3–Any artist who writes a song for their unborn baby gets bonus points in my book.


Loving: In a little under a month, Bart and I will be celebrating our 3-year anniversary. My mind is completely blown by how far we’ve come in our relationship and I can’t even imagine my life without him by my side. He’s my very best friend and can make me smile even on my darkest days. I can’t thank God enough for putting this guy in my life and can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

And that’ll do it for me today. Have a fabulous Thursday folks!

What’s something you’ve been loving or not loving lately?


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Loving & Not Loving

  1. You and your boyfriend are the cutest! Congratulations on 3 years! I would love to have some more fall weather, I am not loving all the humidity lingering in Florida. Send some of that morning chill down here 😉


  2. Fall is my absolute favourite season, but I can definitely relate to struggling a bit more to get out of bed in the mornings. I’m loving how gorgeous things look right now, though. Our leaves have all started to turn, so everything is orange and gold. I just hope the season doesn’t go by TOO fast.


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