First Friday of Fall Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! Anyone else super pumped we’ve finally reached the weekend? Tomorrow my parents will be heading over early in the morning to meet up with Bart and I for a quick tailgating session before heading to the Husky football game. The Dawgs are taking on the Cal Bears in the first PAC12 game of the season, so it’ll definitely be a big test of how good we’ll be this year. I can’t wait to catch up with my parents and just found out one of my good friends from home will be at the game as well, so catching up with her will be pretty awesome too! The rest of the weekend is up in there air as of now, but will most likely feature a bottle of wine, some relaxation, and kicking it with some friends.

Now on to today’s post. Per usual, I’m kicking off the weekend with a look at some of my favorite things from this past week. I’ve got a pretty solid mix of things to show off today and hopefully you’ll find a thing or two that tickles your fancy! 🙂 Big thanks to Heather and Katie for the linkup!


Fall Sunshine & Afternoon Walks: It was an absolutely gorgeous first day of fall in Seattle this past Wednesday, so as soon as Bart came over after class and I wrapped up my final emails, we headed out on a long walk around the neighborhood. It was a perfect fall day, just a touch of a breeze with a lot of sunshine to show off the new gorgeous fall colors. Obviously you can tell from the picture above, we both weren’t very used to being outside in the sunshine (AKA why my skin is glowing in the sun and we both are squinting like crazy). I’m going to make a point of getting outside more on nice days like this before they disappear until next year.


Pumpkin-O’s: Last week I talked about my obsession with cereal as a snack, so when I shopped Trader Joe’s this weekend and came across these babies, I had to give them a shot. They are now my favorite cereal and I’ll probably be stocking up on them once we reach the end of fall. I’m telling you guys, if you live around a Trader Joe’s and like pumpkin, these are worth every penny you’ll spend! They taste somewhat like crunchy pumpkin pie and are rice-based, so even you gluten-free folks can enjoy them.


Flywheel: So before yesterday, the only spinning classes I had really taken were RPM and a class or two hosted by my old yoga studio. I was SO excited when I was given the opportunity to try out ClassPass for two weeks completely free because I knew Flywheel classes were included as part of the pass. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with ClassPass, it’s a pass that charges you a fee once a month and gives you access to hundreds of different classes around the city for free.) This class absolutely kicked my butt, kept me sweating like crazy for the entire 45 minutes, and let me unleash my competitive side to try to beat out everyone else in the class. When you enter the Flywheel studio, you’re given the ability to list your username on a big tv inside the actual spin room where your power score is shown based on your speed and resistance as you take class. Scores are listed in order starting with the hardest worker, so people like me who are extremely competitive push themselves even harder to come out on top. It was the best spin session I’ve ever had, so you can bet I’ll be back next week to better my score!

zucchini chips

Baked Zucchini Chips: I’d heard of these before, but had always chosen to eat sweet potato fries instead when the occasion to make them arose. This past Wednesday, Bart and I bit the bullet and decided to give these a go, even though we hate passing on french fries when we have the chance to have them. You guys, these turned out absolutely delicious. The zucchini flavor was disguised by the crunchy breading, so we didn’t even feel like we were eating a healthy french fry substitute. I’ll definitely be sharing this recipe with you soon as these babies will most definitely be showing up in many dinners to come!

Fall Season Premieres: After months of watching reruns consistently to fill up my evenings, I’m SO excited that all of my favorite shows are finally coming back on TV. This week almost every single one of my favorites premiered and the only two shows I’m waiting on, The Blacklist and Blue Bloods, are set to premiere next week. Can’t wait!! If you’re in the hunt for good shows, some of our favorites are The Middle, Modern Family, Nashville, and of course the two coming next week.

And with that, I’ll leave you to your weekend! Have a great one! 🙂


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