Hi friends! How’s it goin’ on this fine October Thursday? The change from September to October always makes me feel like we’re getting deeper into the month of fall, which makes me so happy! Like I’ve mentioned over the past few weeks, fall is slowly becoming one of my favorite seasons, so I’m trying to embrace the gorgeous weather and all things pumpkin before they disappear.

In honor of Thinking Out Loud hosted by the fabulous Amanda over at Running With Spoons, I’m bringing you a little peak into all of the things I’m currently into. Feel free to play along in the comments section below!

Current Book(s):

I’ve been on a career-kick lately, so all of my reading has been focused on how to succeed in the business world. The book I’m about halfway through now, “The First 90 Days”, was recommended by one of my mentors and seems to be pretty insightful!

Read at the park near my house in the sun. Can't beat this fall weather we've been having!
Read at the park near my house in the sun. Can’t beat this fall weather we’ve been having!

The last entertaining book I read was The Fault in our Stars, a total tear-jerker. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I highly recommend reading the book before watching it. Like majority of book/movie combos, I thought the book was the better of the two.

Current Music:

I’ve been diggin’ the “Today’s Country” channel on Pandora. For some reason, fall always seems to put me in the country mood and country songs don’t get old as fast as pop/top-40 music does for me. On my longer runs (yes, I’m finally almost up to 7-miles!), I love popping in my country playlists and finding the perfect pace to cruise to.

My favorite song right now is either “Anything Goes” by Florida Georgia Line or “Downtown” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Chai tea lattes. I’ve had at least three in the past week and just bought a mix from Trader Joe’s so I can start to make my own at home. This wouldn’t necessarily be a guilty pleasure if it wasn’t keeping me up late at night since I tend to drink them in the afternoon…whoops!

Current Nail Color:

A pinkish-red called “Cherries in the Snow” by Revlon.

Current Drink:

Cherry Limeade Ice. Still my favorite.

Current Food:


Cosmos Coconut Popcorn. I bought this huge bag on Sunday at Costco and Bart and I have practically killed it already. It’s THAT good.

Current Favorite Show:

New show–Blindspot.


Old show that I’m still waiting on for the season premiere–The Blacklist

Current Wish List:

I really, really, really want to get a dog, but my apartment doesn’t allow doggies and Bart doesn’t seem to think I’m ready to be a doggy-mama. So I’ve convinced him to give it a year and then we can revisit getting a furry friend to join our little group. Fingers crossed!

 Current needs:

New tires for my bike. I’ve wanted to go out on a bike ride for the past few weeks, but keep forgetting to grab tires when I’m at the store. Hopefully I can remember this weekend and get a few rides in before our nice weather is gone.

Current Indulgence:

Ice cream. Always, always ice cream.

Current Blessing:

Having a great job in an industry and environment that I love. Having an incredible support system and such a strong relationship with my family. Being able to run again after a knee injury and taking time off to let my body heal.


Oh, and this guy who asked me out on our very first date exactly three years ago yesterday. So incredibly blessed!

Current Outfit:

Currently, I’m writing this post in yoga pants and a t-shirt, but my favorite thing to wear right now is an oversized sweater with boots. Gotta love fall!

Current Excitement:

My mom is coming back over to stay with me for the weekend! And I’m already excited for a trip to NYC that Bart and I have planned for the end of December. I know it’s a ways out, but I’m already counting down the days!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


One thought on “Currently

  1. I am so excited that it’s October! I am pumped for the weather to cool down and start doing more things outside. And I totally agree, fall is the perfect excuse for (more) country music 🙂


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