Girls Weekend & Weekly Meal Plan

Oh Monday morning…you always seem to come way too fast. This past weekend was another fun one for the books, so that’s probably why it seemed to fly by even quicker than normal. My mom ended up coming over Friday night to spend the weekend with me and we had an absolute blast as usual! Friday was filled with catching up while knocking out a delicious bottle of white wine. Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early and made a 2 hour trek to northern Washington to visit my grandparents for my grandma’s birthday. After spending a few hours catching up with everyone and eating a big lunch plus enough cake to feed a village, we headed back into the city to do a little shopping and grab drinks and fondue at The Melting Pot (because fondue is just WAY too good to pass up 🙂 ).

Lemon Berry Mojitos at The Melting Pot can’t be beat!

Sunday started off slowly, which was just what we both needed after a full day of travel. After we finally got moving around 10AM, we headed up to Newcastle Golf Course for brunch, which was enjoyed on their gorgeous patio in the sunshine. The view at this place can’t be beat! If any of you are from the Seattle area, you should check this place out next time.


After brunch, my mom headed back to the eastside and the rest of the day was spent as usual grocery shopping and getting ready for the work week. Bart and I also went for a run around the city because it was just way too gorgeous to stay inside!

Snapshot I stopped to take in the middle of our run. I love this gorgeous fall weather we're having!
Snapshot I stopped to take in the middle of our run. I love this gorgeous fall weather we’re having!

Needless to say, I’m going into another busy week with a full heart. I absolutely love family visits and can’t wait to see both of my parents again soon!

Weekly Meal Plan

Now on to the food! Every Sunday, Bart and I make a point to sit down and decide what meals we’ll be having throughout the week so we can hit the grocery store and make sure we’re prepped for the next few days. By making this part of our weekly routine, we tend to eat better throughout the work week and are able to avoid the midweek scramble to throw some food together and call it a meal. Today, I’m giving you all a peak into our dinners planned for this week. Enjoy!

  • Monday: Portobello Mushroom Pizzas
  • Tuesday: Pesto Chicken Flatbread
  • Wednesday: Baked Honey Garlic Chicken with Basmati Rice
  • Thursday: Baked Chimmichangas
  • Friday: Heading to Eastern Washington so TBD!

And with that I’ll leave you all to the start of your week. Have a great one!


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