Late Friday Check-In

Hi there friends! Sorry for joining you so late today. I’m actually home sick from work, so between meetings and deliverables I figured I could find a little time to check back in with all of you before the weekend officially begins. I ended up catching that nasty cold that’s been going around the Pacific Northwest recently (anybody else around the world seeing this icky cold too?), which I’m guessing was my body’s way of telling me I need to relax a little earlier after a hectic week in the office. It’s crazy how on-point my timing was with this sickness because today is the first day this week where I haven’t had a to-do list thats too long for one page. Score!

Now onto the good stuff. Today, I’m excited to announce that I have been selected as a Sweat Pink Ambassador thanks to this blog and all of you awesome readers! For those of you who don’t know, the Sweat Pink team is run by Fit Approach co-founders Jamie and Alyse and focuses on inspiring others to lead healthy and happy lifestyles. This Fit Approach mission basically sums up the organization:

“We believe that kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes. We’ve learned that real women sweat, and sweat hard. We know that assertiveness, strength, and ambition are the ultimate feminine qualities. We concede that sometimes it takes hours to get ready, but we’re also no strangers to just rolling out of bed and going. We’re convinced that we run faster in pink shoelaces. We believe in pushing ourselves, and we believe in giving ourselves a break, too. We’re all about the rush of endorphins and the thrill of the challenge. We’re all for looking great and feeling even better. We’re committed to finding our best fit, and making it stick.”

One of my favorite parts of the Sweat Pink mission is that it isn’t focused on counting calories or pushing yourself beyond your body’s limits, but instead concentrates on making women feel empowered through healthy eating and activities. As an eating disorder survivor, this is so important in my own life and something I’ve always wanted to convey to my readers through this blog. And now I have the support of other incredible women to keep spreading this message! As a fairly new blogger, I couldn’t be more excited to join such an amazing and inspiring group of ladies who are changing the world one blog post at a time. 🙂

On that note, I’ll let you all get back to your Friday’s. This weekend, I’m supposed to be swimming in an alumni swim meet with my old college team and running a 10K with a girlfriend, so hopefully I can sleep off this cold today. Fingers crossed!

Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂


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