3-Year Anniversary: Our Story

Three years ago today, I made a decision that would change my whole world.


Bart and I met at Seattle U when he transferred onto our swim team from UNLV during our sophomore year of college. In the days leading up to his official transfer, the team had already been buzzing about this new, fast guy that was going to come in and hopefully help us get some key wins throughout the season.


As you can imagine, that also meant majority of us had already stalked him on Facebook to see what kind of person he was and girls were already starting to call “dibs” on the new guy. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t one of those girls as I had been talking to someone else on the Baseball team and was pretty adamant about not dating teammates (swimmer break-ups sucked since we spent so much time together). So when he showed up on day 1, I didn’t pay any particular attention to him.


Over the course of the next two weeks of preseason, I got to know him a little bit more at team functions and thought he was nice, but probably a little too wild for me. I’ve always been the good girl type, more interested in finding someone to be in a relationship with rather than just hooking up, and this guy had spent a year in Vegas, so I assumed he definitely wasn’t my speed.


Girls on the team started taking bets on who would be the first one to kiss the new guy, and although my name came up a few times, I assured all of my teammates I wasn’t interested whatsoever. So as I headed out for the night to a party to celebrate the end of preseason training, I didn’t expect anything to happen.


Little did I know, Bart had had his eyes on me for the past few weeks and had been asking other guys on the team if they thought he had a chance with me. As you probably already know, this meant that Saturday night, Bart ended up coming to find me and dancing with me for majority of the night.


After the party started to slow down, he asked me to go on a walk with him around Capital Hill to talk a little more. I had never left a party with a guy I hadn’t known for very long, but I took a chance that night and ended up staying up just talking to Bart until around 5AM. I began to realize he wasn’t the crazy guy I’d always assumed he was and even though I still didn’t think we’d ever be in a relationship, I had a feeling we would end up being really good friends.


As the weeks passed, Bart and I continued to spend more and more time together. Our friendship slowly started to turn into something more and even though I was still hesitant about dating a teammate, I decided to stop talking to the other guy and started going on dates with Bart around Seattle. On October 21, 2012 after coming home from a swim meet in California, Bart asked me to take a chance on a swimmer and be his girlfriend.


And as you all know, I obviously said yes 🙂


The past three years have been the happiest of my entire life. We’ve adventured around Seattle, through California, and all over Maui. He’s been my rock through all of the adversities I’ve faced and continues to make each and every day a fun, new adventure.


Bart, you are my very best friend and I thank God every day that he’s sent me such an incredible person to be my other half. I love you so much and can’t wait to see where the future takes us! 🙂


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