What a Week of Marathon Training Looks Like

So you know how some people can’t stand the training component of signing up for a race? I’ve realized I’m definitely not one of those people. Maybe it’s just taking me back to all of those years I spent training to become a collegiate athlete, followed by the 3 years I spent training as a collegiate athlete. Nonetheless, ever since I hit the ‘confirm’ button on the BMO Vancouver Marathon registration page, I’ve become so incredibly excited about training for one of the most challenging races I’ll probably ever do in my life (not including the marathons I do after this if survive 🙂 ).

I know what you’re thinking. I clearly must be crazy if the thought of running ungodly numbers of miles early on Saturday mornings makes me giddy. But I think the biggest factor causing my crazy excitement is that this entire training process has made me truly appreciate what my body can do. Even after all of the pressure I’ve put on it throughout my eating disorder, my body can still knock out 12 miles and stay healthy and injury-free. How can I not be appreciative of that?! And if that’s not enough, getting to explore my neighborhood as the sun rises has been such an adventure. God has truly blessed the PNW with some gorgeous sunrises!

Before I finally decided to commit to a marathon and the crazy training that comes with it, I was really interested in learning what a typical training schedule looks like. I mean I’d clearly be spending a good chunk of my time running all over town, so I wanted to know what to expect before I went all in. I had looked into a number of different training plans, but eventually decided to set it all aside and let my coach pick the right training schedule for me. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am that I did!

So if you’re at all like I was and are considering running a marathon (or even a half, since that’s the phase of my training that I’m in right now), I figured I’d give you a little look into what my training has looked like. This is all recapped from last week, which was my highest mileage week so far.


I’m a firm believer that Sunday’s are for Church, Brunch, and laziness ONLY! This was the only rule I gave my coach when she started piecing together my schedule. After moving my scheduled Sunday runs up to Saturday multiple weeks in a row, she finally figured out how serious I was 🙂

Monday— 4 mile run at a comfortable pace + 30 minutes of a weight-lifting circuit


I typically do my weekday runs on a treadmill and this week was no exception. I busted out 4 miles in 31:12 (7:48 pace–WOO!) and got my lift on well before 7AM. And yes–I’m officially that dork who took a picture in the gym. Don’t judge me.

Tuesday–RPM class + 15-minutes on the elliptical to warm up

RPM If you’ve never taken a spinning class, I highly encourage it. I guarantee your legs will feel so much stronger in your runs and you’ll sweat buckets.

Wednesday–7 Mile Interval Run (2 mile warm-up, 4×800’s at 6:42 pace with 3 min. slow in between each, 1.4 mile cool-down)

This workout kicked my butt. By the final 800 sprint, I wanted to hop off the treadmill and go home. Pushing through tough runs like this always make me feel so much more confident about racing later on though. If I can push myself to that speed without being tapered and at 6AM, I can most definitely run that fast on race day!

Thursday— 3-mile easy run followed by a 10 minute core workout and foam rolling


Note to anyone considering training for a long race: your foam roller WILL become your best friend.

Friday–A Pure Barre class followed by extra stretching

Saturday— 12-miles outside at a comfortable pace


My “comfortable” pace just happened to be 7:54/mile. Must have been the chicken fried rice and 3 glasses of wine the night before 🙂 SO excited to potentially PR in my half marathon in a few weeks!

TOTAL MILES: 26 (all under 8-minute pace–even on my slower runs!)

Half Marathon in T-4 weeks and then the countdown to Vancouver begins!! 🙂

By the way, this post is amazing: http://www.jenaviviano.com/blog/2016/2/8/a-word-for-the-girl-whos-having-a-fat-day

Love you all and have a fabulous day!


3 thoughts on “What a Week of Marathon Training Looks Like

    • Thank you! Running a marathon had always been on my bucket list and ever since I’ve started working with a coach, I’ve felt so strong in each of my runs. I figured now was as good a time as ever to give a full marathon a shot!

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