The Struggles of Taper Week + My Race Strategy

So I think I’m going a little taper-crazy and I still have 3 full days before my half.

First sign–I’m constantly worried my legs are too tired and that I’ve pushed it too hard the past few weeks. This results in me wearing my compression socks 100% of the time I’m in my apartment (and on quick grocery store runs, big fashion don’t–oops) and putting my legs up against a wall at least once a night.


Second sign–With all of my added down time, I’m constantly reading into how to adequately prepare for a half marathon. I’m also starting to look into different races to run after my Marathon in May. And I’ve realized if I can hold an 8:11/mile pace in my marathon, I can qualify for Boston. That’s assuming I finish my first marathon. Dream big, win big–right?

Third sign–I’m constantly having this internal debate about whether I should go for a walk because I have so much pent up energy or if I should be lazy and watch Grey’s Anatomy to preserve my legs.

Thus the reason I’m trying to distract myself with this blog post.

One of the biggest things I’ve struggled with throughout my entire life is trusting my training. Even back in my swimmer days, I’ve always had this little voice of doubt in the back of my mind that tries to convince me that I haven’t trained enough or haven’t put in the right kind of training to be ready for race day. As I look back over my training schedule, I know this is the smartest I’ve ever trained as a runner. My coach has made a huge difference in my life and I know even if I don’t PR this weekend, I need to be proud of  myself for having overcome an eating disorder and getting back into racing at a healthier point in my life.

But I’m WAY too damn competitive to settle for that.

So obviously that means I’m mentally preparing myself to go all out this Saturday. In order to PR, I need to hold 7:44 pace. The course I’m running is completely flat, so I know this is doable, but not easy by any means. My coach and I have decided that I should start out the first 3 miles at a comfortably easy pace (i.e. around 7:55/mile or so), then work into a comfortable pace for the next 8-9 (around 7:40). The final 1-2 miles will be where I push. Who knows what I’ll have left in the tank at this point, but I’m hoping it’s 7:35 pace.


Over the next few days, my goal is to put more faith in my training, relax, and enjoy spending less time training because after this week, all eyes will be on the 26.2 I have coming up in May.

And with that being said, I’ll go back to watching Grey’s Anatomy with my feet up against a wall. Gotta love taper week!

Have a wonderful day!


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