I’m an Orca Running Blogger!

Hi and happy Thursday! We’re just a day and a half away from the weekend now (yes, my pathetic mid-week countdown continues). Work this week has been INSANE and doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon, so I’m learning how to multi-task like a champ–aka I’m doing just enough to get all of the things on my to-do lists done before passing out on the couch at night. But on to more happy thoughts…

First things first, let’s recap my workout yesterday. I decided to skip the treadmill and run my 4-mile easy run outside before the sun was up. I was super nervous about running outside when it’s still pretty dark out, but had a runner’s version of pepper spray to run with that made me feel a million times better.


Thanks Ben!

The run itself felt really good. My legs felt fresh for the first time since my race and I was holding a fairly quick pace for majority of the run aside from times when I had to deal with hills.

4.2 miles in 33 minutes–sweet! Now onto my big announcement…

orca blogger badge

I’m SO excited to announce that I’ve accepted the opportunity to join the Orca Running team to become one of their featured bloggers! Orca Running is a Seattle-based company that pulls together some of the best races in the Seattle area and is looking to spread the word about their kick-butt races through local bloggers. As one of the selected bloggers, I’ll get the opportunity to run in a number of their races and bring awesome discounts to any of you who may be interested in running in them as well!

I love running and am so excited to get the chance to be associated with a local company who has already proven to put on awesome races in my neck of the woods (they hosted the Lake Sammamish Half I ran two weeks ago and even though it wasn’t my best race, the set-up itself was awesome and the course was a gorgeous one to run).

So for any of my readers located in or around the fabulous PNW, stay tuned for some awesome discounts on races around the area!

Now time for some fast 800’s at the track. Wish me luck! 🙂


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