Easter Weekend + Week of Workouts

Once again, this weekend went by way WAY too fast! After a hectic week as you probably could tell (only two blog posts for the week!), I was more than ready for a nice weekend full of family, food, and relaxation. Thankfully, I got a full helping of all three and I’m back to my Monday ready to attack what is more than likely going to be another insane week at work.

In the spirit of Easter Sunday (yes, I just sold myself out on my dirty little secret– I write these posts the night before they go live…oops!), I’m going to keep my recap brief and sum up my weekend with pictures:


I told Bart it was supposed to be nice this week Friday morning and he actually said he’d start running with me. Running with someone >>>> running all of your runs alone. WOO!


Since my family was coming into town, we forewent our weekly date night and decided to grill up salmon at home instead. This is probably one of my favorite meals ever now! Lemon & dill salmon, roasted brussel sprouts, and the yummiest & easiest Rice/Kale/Chia mixture from Costco.


Easter Brunch with my fam after Church. I had probably one of the best mimosas of my life AND there was an Easter Bunny who passed out candy to all of the kids (plus me because I wasn’t about to pass up free candy after giving it up for Lent).


Me & my mom with said mimosa. OBSESSED.


Too cute of a picture not to post. Love them both to pieces!!

As for this evening–Bart and I will be continuing the Easter party at his Mom’s house for even more food and family fun. Can’t wait!

Now onto my…

Weekly Workouts

As you all know, this past week was a toughie for me mentally because of my injury. I became best friends with the elliptical at my gym and went pretty crazy staying out of my running shoes for 8 straight days. But I think I may be able to give running a shot tomorrow! Fingers crossed I make it through my entire run pain-free!

Monday45 minutes on the elliptical + 15 minutes of core. The core workout I’ve been doing lately is killer, so you can expect a post on that routine later this week!

Tuesday45 minutes of RPM + a 15-minute upper body circuit. Once again, RPM kicked my behind!!

Wednesday1 hour and 5 minutes of elliptical w/ 40 minutes of it had a tough pace. I quickly learned this week that the elliptical is TOUGH. Trying to keep my cadence up at running pace (165-180) was  a struggle when playing with different inclines. I’m hoping this helped keep me in shape enough to power through a 10K next weekend!

Thursday30 minutes of elliptical + 10-minutes of core. Playing with paces, but ultimately keeping things pretty light.

Fridaya KILLER Pure Barre class. I think my hamstrings are still crying from it.

SaturdayThe biggie. 1 hour and 30 minutes on the elliptical playing with paces and resistances. My legs were DONE after this workout, so I was grateful to spend the rest of the day relaxing.

Sunday–Off. Easter 🙂
Thanks for the link up Meghan!

And with that, I’m gonna head back to eating my heart out and spending time with the people that I love. Enjoy your Monday! Hope it’s a fantastic one! 🙂




8 thoughts on “Easter Weekend + Week of Workouts

  1. Sometimes it’s so nice to take an easy week of workouts on your joints. And there are so many different variables you can change on the elliptical. I like spinning too when I’m trying to take it easy. I had a pear mimosa this weekend, I forget how yummy they are! Why is it only acceptable to have mimosas at brunch? I could drink them for dinner ; )


  2. God I love a good mimosa and I can’t wait to have one or ten of them. Alright fine, I’ll keep it classy with three. 🙂

    I’m glad you had a great weekend of food, family and fun. Good luck with another insane week of work; I hope it stays somewhat calm.


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