15-Minute Killer Core Circuit

So remember how I told you I was going to attempt running this week? Well, unfortunately it was a disaster and I’m back to feeling completely broken throughout my left leg. Monday morning, I set out for the gym with a leg wrapped up in athletic tape and my new running shoes (which I realized I’m completely in love with) stuffed with over-the-counter orthotics, 100% confident that I would make it through my 6-miler. BUT my body had another idea. I made it 4 miles with some minor pain before I stopped for a quick second and immediately started to get shooting pains up my calf, in my ankle, and up my Achilles tendon. Not good. I finished out the remainder of my run on the elliptical and left the gym completely devastated.

After hobbling around my office again today, I’ve finally accepted the fact that my half marathon in May will more than likely just need to be treated as a training run rather than a full-on, tapered-down race. Recovering from this injury is definitely going to take some time (realistically, probably around 2-3 weeks) and I need to accept this and move on or I’ll just continue to get hurt.

My boss could clearly tell I needed a pick-me-up. White Chocolate Reese’s Eggs for the win!

Overall, this put a huge damper on the start of my week. But I’m choosing to stay positive and figure this is a good time to work on strength training so when I finally get healthy enough to get back in my running shoes, my body will be ready to train hard again!

That being said, today I’m bringing you my new favorite core workout that will most definitely be making a weekly appearance in my training for the next few weeks. Overall it takes around 15 minutes to do all of the exercises and reps and leaves me SO sore the next day!

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.33.50 PM.png

Here’s an explanation of each of the moves:

Hanging Leg Raises– Grab a pull up bar and use your abs to bring your legs up so they’re parallel with the floor. Lower down slowly to complete one rep. 

leg raises.png

Weighted Twists– Grab a weight or a med-ball and balance on your hips with your legs raises slightly. Rotate from side to side, touching the med-ball to the ground on each side. Touching the ground on both sides once is one rep. 

weighted twist.jpg

Dumbbell Side-Bend — Grab weights and lean to the side towards your knee. Once down and up is one rep on one side. 


Bench Leg Pull-In / Knee Ups– Leaning back on your hips with your legs raised. Stretch them out so they are parallel with the floor and then crunch them into your chest while balancing on your hips. Once out and back is one rep. 


Cross-body Crunches– Cross one ankle over your knee and place your hands behind your head with your elbows out. Bring the opposite elbow towards your knee and then go back down for one rep.


Swiss Ball Crunches– Lay on a Swiss ball and place your hands behind your head. Crunch your body up to bring your shoulder blades up off the ball and lower back down. Equals one rep.


Plank– Get down on your forearms and toes and hold your body still. 


Kneeling Cable Crunches– Grab a cable and place it at head height when kneeling. Using your abs, pull the cable down the ground in front of you. Come back up slowly. Equals one rep. 


Jackknife Sit-Up/Crunches — Lay on your back with your arms stretched overhead and your legs stretch out long. Slowly bring both your legs and your arms up while bringing your shoulders off the ground into a crunch. Once they reach the top, lower them down slowly. Equals one rep. 


Russian Twists– Same as weighted twist, but without the added weight. 

weighted twist.jpg


Now off to ice my leg and rest up some more! Have a wonderful Tuesday!



2 thoughts on “15-Minute Killer Core Circuit

  1. I loveee a good core workout and this one sounds like a winner!

    Hope your leg is feeling better ASAP! I know all too well how that feels. I feel like I spent most of 2015 resting my leg and trying to find other ways to get moving a little so I didn’t go absolutely stir crazy 😛


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