Fill In the Blank Survey

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a survey on this blog and because this week has been a little insane, I figure the midway point of the week is the perfect time to bring one back! Hayley posted this one a few weeks ago and I thought it looked pretty fun, so I’m giving it a shot today. Feel free to play along in the comments section below!

I would try sky diving once.

My mom and I originally planned to do this for my 18th birthday, but completely forgot about it once the day arrived (not sure if this was intentional or not). I’m kind of an adrenaline-junky, so I definitely want to try this at least one time in my life!

sky dive.jpg

Weirdest thing I ever ate was Cow Tongue Tacos.

Growing up in Eastern Washington, I had access to some of the best, authentic Mexican food. This meant kick-butt homemade tortillas and salsas, but also weird foods like lengua (aka–cow tongue). My dad didn’t tell me what I was eating until after I’d taken a bite, but I can definitely tell you that if you’re turned off by weird food textures, don’t try this!

The movie of my life would star Reese Witherspoon

Ever since Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon has been my favorite actress. I figure we’re both blonde, so it could totally work!


My go-to food indulgence is ice cream.

Pretty sure you already knew this.

ice cream.jpg

Live last concert I saw was Watershed 2012.

As I type this, I can’t believe that I haven’t been to a concert since 2012! This definitely needs to change. For those of you who don’t know, Watershed is a 3-day country music festival that takes place in Eastern Washington and has featured some of the greatest country music stars. (AKA–it’s a 3 day party with lots of sunshine and country music!) I had a blast and always wanted to make it an annual thing, but have been too busy for one reason or another over the past few years. Tickets sold out in less than an hour this year, so maybe I’ll make sure I’m there next year!


Favorite jeans are Banana Republic

I never wore BR jeans until last year and love the pairs I’ve been rocking lately. In reality, I just love all things Banana Republic…

My can’t live without beauty product is my Dry Shampoo.

I washed my hair every day up until this past year and I must admit, learning the power of dry shampoo has changed my life (okay I’m being dramatic–but my morning routine is like 20 minutes now, which rocks!). I can honestly say, it is now the most important beauty product in my apartment.

The last movie I watched was Concussion.

Bart and I rented this movie last weekend and both really enjoyed it! Will Smith did such a great job and I love all things football-related.


My go-to drink order is a glass of Riesling or a Berry Mojito.

I’m a sweet-wine girl for the most part, so Rieslings are always my go-to. If I’m in more of a cocktail mood, then I typically choose a berry mojito.


My favorite childhood memory is Christmas spent with my entire family.

Christmas was always so magical growing up! My cousins and I would almost always spend the entire week of Christmas together at my grandparents’ house and it was always full of tons of laughs and love. Although these big Christmases don’t happen as often anymore, they’ll always hold a special place in my heart!


My song of the moment is Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw.

Such an amazing song! I wish the world could be more like this. 🙂

Have a fabulous Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Fill In the Blank Survey

  1. Love this post! How cute is your Christmas photo?

    You are way braver than me! There’s no way I could try sky diving – eek! That said, Jesse is desperate to do it but I think he’d have to do it on his own as there’s no way I’m jumping out of a perfectly fine plane, haha!


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