Being Thankful & Finding Inner-Peace

No filter needed. This is how I ended my Wednesday afternoon. While this post was originally going to be about my running goals for the summer season ahead, I’m going to maintain this relaxed vibe & partner up with Amanda for a little Thinking Out Loud.


It’s insane how much a little Vitamin D can instantaneously better your mood. I left work today feeling exhausted and a little stressed. Things have been picking up lately and it’s been hard for me to keep up while continuing to wake up a little after 5 to get in a solid workout. And on top of all of that, running just hasn’t been able to happen lately, which has been tough on me mentally with a big race only a few short weeks away. As I sat down after work to my laptop to bust out another post for today, I realized I just couldn’t do it. I needed to get outside and clear my head.

Well folks, after laying in the sun and walking at the track down from my house, I finally got my head back on straight and am feeling loads better! I hadn’t taken a walk without music or my cell phone as a distraction in quite sometime and I must admit, it was therapeutic. Instead of being upset that I couldn’t run in the sun, I took things slow and spent the entire time appreciating my body for being able to heal quickly enough to allow me to go on walks in the first place. Instead of worrying about deadlines and how things will go tomorrow (the big marketing launch day for my latest project), I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to be part of such an amazing team at work and to be involved in such a big project.

And then I realized I had enough energy to pull together a blog post, even though it was much different than the one I had planned for today 🙂

Sometimes, in all of the hustle and bustle of life, it’s hard to take time to step back and focus on taking care of your inner-self. There are always a million other things we should be doing and majority of the time, what starts out as true intention to focus on relaxing turns into working on your cellphone or letting your mind race in a million different directions. But you’ll be shocked just how much better you’ll feel if you just take the time to give yourself a quick minute for some R&R, all the while counting your blessings rather than your stressors.


So my mantra of the moment is to be thankful for all that I have. Even though things are fairly hectic in my life right now, I am so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by people who continue to lift me up and love me for who I am and for the many opportunities that lie ahead of me. Although running is put on hold at the moment, I’m thankful for the awesome coach I have who continues to talk me through my injury struggles and for a body that will eventually get back out there and crush races.

I hope you’re all able to find this same calmness (at least for a moment) in your own lives! No matter what your struggles at the moment may be, remember to focus on the love that surrounds you and be grateful for all that you have.

Have a fabulous Thursday!



6 thoughts on “Being Thankful & Finding Inner-Peace

  1. Not only are these moments in life – where we find solitude and calmness – wonderful, but it is also so wonderful to take the time to document them. So often we only write/blog/journal about current struggles or something about the future, but taking the time to fully appreciate and write about the small moments of life that feel so, so good is so important. You are right – we often think we don’t have “time” for rest and relaxation, but we forget that we won’t actually be able to do all the things we want to do without taking that time to slow down. Thank you for this 🙂


    • Couldn’t agree more! I definitely fall victim to overlooking my own well-being sometimes in order to get things done, but it’s so nice to take a break and relax from time to time. Have a fabulous day!


  2. Sunshine is the cure for anything! I love the mindset you’re adopting, I need to be more present and thankful for everything I have too.


    • It definitely took some sunshine and a nice, long walk for me to get there, but I’m definitely glad I took the time to just reflect and relax. Definitely worth taking some time out of the day to do it!


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