Running Plans + Race Discounts!

I don’t want to curse it, but my legs are feeling so much better today you guys. I’m hopeful that all of my cross-training and down time is starting to pay off and I’ll be back to running by Thursday for my quick and easy 4-miler. Fingers crossed and extra prayers for me please!


Now because it’s Tuesday and I haven’t really talked about running a whole lot for the past week or so, I figured it was about time I talked about what my plans are for the Spring and Summer in terms of racing. Aside from a 10-day trip to Italy in June (where Bart promised to run a little with me in the mornings!), I’ll most likely be sticking around home or Eastern Washington, which means I’ll have a lot of time to focus on training, getting stronger, and tearing up a few races around the area. And because I’ve had a bit of time away from running lately, I’ve been looking into different runs I can throw on my calendar for the Spring and Summertime. So without further ado, let’s jump into it!

May 1st– BMO Vancouver Half Marathon


As you all know, in a few short weeks I’ll be back at it again with another half marathon up in Vancouver, B.C. I’m stoked to be able to participate in this gorgeous race and have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to comfortably run the full 13.1 and take in the beauty of the course. This race has continuously been ranked one of the Top-10 destination races, so here’s to hoping it lives up to it’s name! Coach and I will determine if I’m going to go all-out in this race as we get closer to May, but regardless, I’m excited to head to Canada for it.

June 11th–Snoqualmie Valley Run (10k/Half)


This will be my first official Orca Running-sponsored race as an ambassador for the company and I’m so excited for it! I don’t have much experience with trail running, but I’ve read that it’s a lot easier on your joints, so I’m hoping my body thanks me when I start training on trails for it. I’m still not sure if I’ll do the 10k or the half–it’s mostly dependent on what happens in Vancouver. Nonetheless, it’ll be a fun run to take part in. AND if you’re a reader from the PNW, you can use the code “BLONDEFITFOODIE” to get 10% off this race! Hope to see some of you locals there! ūüôā

July 15th-16th–Ragnar Northwest Passage¬†(196-Mile Team Relay)


This just might be the most-fun race I’ll ever do. 12 runners, 2 vans, 48 hours of running. I was a little late to the party and didn’t realize my team was going to do it this year (I accidentally deleted the email from Coach asking me if I was interested–oops!), but I’m an alternate for the race right now, so fingers crossed I get to participate! For those of you who haven’t heard of Ragnar races, they take place over a full weekend. 12 runners form a team and alternate running different distances until the entire team runs the full 196 miles. Each runner has 3 different legs that they run over the two day period, but distances vary–so some runners could run up to 26 miles total while others will run closer to 12. I LOVE team sports (even though I’ve been a swimmer and a runner…oops), so¬†hopefully the stars align and I get to give it a shot this year!

August 14th– Lake Union 10k


One of my favorite Seattle races because: 1. You run around Lake Union, which is gorgeous, and 2. You get free breakfast from Portage Bay afterwards. Usually this is a race I can convince Bart to run with me (see reason #2, aka free food), so hopefully he’ll agree to give it a shot with me again this year!

August 28th– Iron Horse Half Marathon


Depending on how my training goes and if I commit to running the next race I’ll be talking about, I may treat this half as a training run. Iron Horse is another half sponsored by Orca Running, so once again if you use the code “BLONDEFITFOODIE” when you register, you can get 10% off! This is another trail race AND it’s all downhill, so if you’re looking for a fun run (and possibly a PR), you should definitely check this one out!

October 9th — Portland Marathon


Yes, Portland is on my radar and fingers crossed a summer full of focused training has me mentally and physically ready to attack my first full marathon. I haven’t officially registered yet, but hopefully by July I can start¬†focusing on this race and putting my whole self into marathon training!

Aside from these races, I want to focus on perfecting my form and doing a lot of speed/tempo runs throughout the summer. I’m hoping to PR in at least one race this summer (either a 10k or Half), so hopefully once I’m fully-healthy, I can start getting back to work! Another one of my goals is to make sure I take at least 5-1o minutes after each run to stretch and foam roll. I have a lot of big plans for the summer, so I want to do all that I can to prevent getting injured again.¬†

And with that I’ll let you all get back to enjoying your Tuesday. Make it a great one!! ūüôā

What are your racing or training goals for the Spring and Summer?


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