Where I’ve Been + Weekly Workouts

Well hello! Apologies for going MIA for a few days. Bart and I ended up staying in Eastern Washington until late Sunday night, which meant by the time I got home, I jumped into bed to get ready for the 5:20AM wake up call the next morning. This also meant that Monday after work was devoted to all of the chores we didn’t do over the weekend–aka grocery shopping, laundry, and a quick clean up around my apartment. So my Tuesday post had to go on the back burner. I think I FINALLY have everything taken care of, but have a little work to catch up on, so in the interest of time, I’m going to keep this post light and give you my weekend recap in pictures plus my week of workouts at the tail end. I tried to stay unplugged for the majority of the weekend, but was able to snap a few pictures here and there.


Dark morning kicked off at my favorite group fitness class–Pure Barre! I always seem to underestimate how tough these workouts are and find they’re the best way to kick off my favorite day of the week!


Bart and I got off work early to head over the pass, which was SO nice because it felt like we actually got to spend a good chunk of Friday catching up with my parents and soaking up the sun.


Sometimes you just can’t beat the desert. Three full days in 85+ degree weather left me as red as a lobster.


I also learned my dad should’ve been a bartender because his berry mojitos were kick-butt! Hello my new favorite summer drink!


I got to spend time with my puppies–Elle and Dax. This only made me want to get a dog of my own about 5 million times more.

Other un-pictured activities included a hike with my mom, a ton of awesome food, and a lot of relaxation!


And in the blink of an eye, it was all over and we were headed back home, already planning our next trip over! Having a house to escape to over on the sunny side of the state is such a blessing and Bart and I both love spending time with my family. Many more of these trips will be taking place over the next few weeks as “mission: get Mackenzie tan before Italy” continues! 🙂

Now onto my…

Weekly Workouts

Although I wasn’t able to run again this past week, I FINALLY got some answers on my ankle and have been keeping up on my new PT exercises every day. Fingers crossed by mid-next week, I’ll be back to running for real!

Monday1 Hour Elliptical Workout with hills incorporated. I’ve been trying to recreate the runs I’m supposed to be doing on the elliptical, so I took the 5 mile hill workout and put it to work. This hour of elliptical included 8 minutes of tough hills followed by 4 minutes easy repeated about 3 times.

Tuesday45 minutes of RPM + a 15-minute upper body circuit. Typical Tuesday workout that kicked my butt as usual. The fitness instructor has been kicking our butt and told us now that she’s learned how far she can push us, it’s only going to get harder so we continue to feel the burn. Not sure how I feel about this… haha

Wednesday1 Hour of elliptical (15 min warm-up with 3 minute pick-ups afterwards, plus a 10 minute cool-down). Sometimes it’s so hard for me to mentally get up and go on the elliptical. I’ve learned the power of mental toughness though and always just envision being out in the middle of a race as I push through these intervals, which has been working fairly well lately!

Thursday — 40 minutes of easy elliptical + 10-minutes of core. A nice recovery workout for my legs after some tough work earlier in the week.

Fridaya Pure Barre class. Another barre class that kicked my booty!

Saturday— Off. Not initially planned, but I needed the extra rest and decided to go on a walk and hike with my mom instead of my typical long Saturday workout.


Hope you all are having a great week! 🙂


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