A Rainy Weekend + My Week of Workouts

Hi there! 🙂

Apologies for missing you all yesterday. By the time I got home Sunday night after my brother’s golf tournament and visiting Bart’s family, I was too tired to do anything outside of the bare minimum to get through Monday. That meant I pulled together some overnight oats really fast, did laundry, and then relaxed for about 30 minutes before hitting the hay. Some days are just crazy like that I guess.

No worries though, because today I’m back in full force with a quick little update on my weekend-happenings and a recap of my workouts from last week–my first week back in my running shoes. In true weekend-recap fashion, I’ll give you the highlights in pictures before breaking down my exercise routine for the week. Pictures are WAY more fun to review than more words 🙂

Now let’s hop to it!


Friday kicked off with dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant for our month-a-versary. This month was my pick/surprise, so I decided to take Bart to Japonessa for a ton of sushi and beverages to kick off the weekend right! It was SO good as usual and the wait was only 20 minutes without a reservation–definitely a win!

friends.jpgAfter dinner, Bart and I headed back to the Seattle U campus to visit some of our best friends from college. SO fun catching up with everyone again! We decided get togethers definitely need to become a regular thing since we live so close.

Saturday was pictureless, but nothing eventful happened. I got in another solid run in the morning (2 miles–yay!) and then Bart & I grocery shopped and tried to get ahead of the week since we knew our Sunday would be crazy busy.


Sunday morning, Bart & I traveled about 90 minutes outside of Seattle to watch my brother at his college golf tournament. The weather was less than ideal…


Cold and wet.


Taylor had decent moments throughout the tournament, but didn’t end it quite as well as he would’ve liked. It was fun being out at the course though and made me 110% ready for summer at my course back home.


Sunday ended with some sun, a stop at the Nike Clearance store where I ended up getting TONS of clothes for under $100, and a trip to visit Bart’s dad before heading back home. Long day, but a fun one for sure!

Now onto my…

Weekly Workouts

This past week was my first official week back in my running shoes and I was more than happy to be back to the treadmill and off the elliptical for a bit. As much as I’ve bonded with that machine, I can confidently say I’m ready to take a loooooong break from it after the next few weeks pass.

Monday45-minute Elliptical Workout with hills incorporated + PM session of Hip Strengthening exercises. This hill workout kicked my butt! Coach had me doing 1-minute hill sprints followed by 2 minutes of recovery and I was dripping in sweat by the end. I wrapped up the day with a PM session of my hip strength circuit which left my legs exhausted.

Tuesday45 minutes of RPM + a 15-minute upper body circuit. Another high-intensity spin class that helped regenerate my legs after some strength work on Monday.

WednesdayAM– 10-minutes of rowing, followed by a 10-minute run & a 20-minute spin + PM session of strength. My first run pain-free! I was stoked to be on the treadmill again rather than the elliptical and am so excited that things are continuing to progress in the right direction since this first run back. Also, I remembered just how killer rowing is–OUCH!

Thursday 60-minute elliptical (10 w/u, 10 x 2:00 hard & fast followed by 2:00 easy, 10 c/d). This workout was a doozy. The pickups were killer and by the end I didn’t know if I’d be able to make it the full 2 minutes. I completed all 10 sets though and felt so accomplished afterwards! If nothing else, staying on the elliptical has helped me stay in shape mentally.

Fridaya Pure Barre class. Typical Friday morning at the Barre. This class wasn’t the toughest I’d ever taken, but I definitely felt the burn and shaking a time or two (or 12…).

Saturday 15-minutes of running followed by 45-minutes of elliptical w/ rolling hills. Another pain-free run and just one step closer to breaking up with the elliptical for a while 🙂

Sunday– Walked 18-holes at the golf course (active recovery) 🙂

All in all, this past week was great on the workout front. I made huge gains as I finally got back to running and had some intense elliptical workouts that pushed me mentally. Now here’s to hoping this week’s runs go just as well and I’ll be back to kick-butt training soon!!

Have a fabulous Tuesday folks!


2 thoughts on “A Rainy Weekend + My Week of Workouts

  1. I feel you on the rainy weekend! Our weather over the weekend was pretty bleh. Somehow we managed to fit in an apple picking trip whilst narrowly avoiding the rain. It rained the entire time we drove there and started raining the second we got into the car to head back!

    Way to go on so many awesome workouts, girl! xo


    • Yeah I’m completely ready for summer weather, at least on the weekends. That’s nice you weren’t in the rain for the actual apple picking part of your trip!! 🙂 glad you got to do something fun!


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