Appreciation for Every Day

I think one of my biggest struggles is being too forward looking from time to time. I count down the days to each weekend and with a trip to Italy a few weeks away, I’ve found myself just trying to get through the week days by distracting myself to make time pass more quickly before my big trip. But after receiving a call from my mom on Tuesday evening about the declining health of two of my loved ones, I feel it’s time for a reality check in my own life.

Time passes SO quickly and I need to quit wishing it away.

It’s still crazy for me to believe that I’m a full-grown adult with a big girl job living in my own apartment in my favorite city. I’ve been so blessed to have such a supportive family and great friends over the years that have allowed me to develop into the person I am today. But as I look back on my life, I can remember always wishing I was a little bit older, a little bit wiser, or looking forward to finally reaching high school, college, or full adulthood with a real job. I had a great childhood, but I was always ready and excited for the next phase of my life.

This isn’t always a bad thing. It’s good to have goals and be excited about achieving them and yielding the benefits of hard work. I worked my butt off in high school to graduate with a 3.95 and pushed myself in the pool to make it to the collegiate level as a swimmer. In all of those tough training and studying moments, I used my end goals to fuel my efforts, which was a very positive thing. But as I write to you as a full-fledged adult, I realize that I should have appreciated some of those small moments more than I did.

I know I’m still incredibly young and have a lot of life ahead of me. I’m excited to see where my future takes me and plan to continue to push myself in my career, as a runner, and as a girlfriend/daughter/granddaughter/sister/friend. But I also want to find a new appreciation for each and every day God gives me on this earth. I’ll always look forward to weekends, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, but I want to also enjoy the small parts of each week day that make it so great — the conversations with my co-workers, the hello kisses after work each day from Bart, the yummy meals I get to cook up, the texts and phone calls with my family, and the awesome runs I now get to resume. Each day is a blessing and the more we realize this, the more fulfilling our life will be.

Thanks for letting me think out loud Amanda! Have a wonderful Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Appreciation for Every Day

  1. Great post, I need to work on living in the moment more and not pushing for the future so much. As you said, life goes by fast and it’s important to appreciate every moment.


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