Random Thursday Tidbits

Happy Thursday!

I have to apologize in advance– my mind is a little all over the place this morning as my grandpa heads into surgery to have a tumor removed. Things are a little tense and I’m anxiously awaiting a text from my mom or dad telling me the procedure went perfectly and he’s already making a quick recovery. Good thoughts, vibes, and prayers are 100% welcomed and appreciated!

I figure since my mind isn’t focused whatsoever, this is the perfect opportunity to partner with Amanda to bring you a true “Thinking Out Loud” post. I’m truly using this blog space today to just do a mental unload, so prepare yourselves… 🙂

1. You really can’t beat sunny, 6AM runs


I know, I know– it seems like I talk about my morning runs daily around here but it’s truly because I just can’t get enough. There’s something so peaceful about being outside before all of the traffic hits when the sun is shining. I ran a little over 4 miles yesterday without any music and just felt calm and rejuvenated throughout the entire day. Nothing like a little cardio-therapy to kick off the day 🙂

2. Anne hit the nail on the head with her post yesterday– fats are SO important in a healthy diet


I remember one of the first things I talked about with my nutritionist when I was working on rebounding after my eating disorder was the importance of bringing fats back into my diet. I switched over to full-fat yogurts, started eating a TON of avocado, and even became a chia seed fan–adding it to almost all of my smoothies and overnight oats. These little changes quickly became standards and now I can’t imagine switching back to zero-fat alternatives. As Anne talks about in this post, fats are so important because they keep you feeling full longer, whereas zero-fat or low-fat foods can leave you hungry within an hour. Even if you’re looking to lose a little weight (which I don’t condone, I think you’re beautiful the way you are 🙂 ), keeping fats in your diet is a staple and won’t hurt your chances of reaching your fitness goals, but may actually help!

3. Planning a 2-week trip to Italy is a LOT of work–but it’s good & fun work


Most of you know already that Bart surprised me with a trip to Italy last New Years Eve and while I initially pushed the trip out of my mind because it was so far away, it’s slowly starting to become a reality. These past few weeks have been filled with creating a trip itinerary, making reservations to visit famous museums & landmarks, and booking awesome tours. Although we aren’t even close to finished (I still need to shop for this trip and am fully prepared to redo my wardrobe for the occasion 🙂 ), it’s proven to take a lot of time to piece together the perfect itinerary while leaving a lot of wiggle room so we don’t have a really strict timeline to stick to. I’m planning on doing a few posts on this process–one on how to plan for a Eurotrip and a few recapping our adventure in Italy. In the meantime, if anyone has any advice on things to do or see or even just tips on visiting Europe (I’m a first-timer), I would LOVE to hear from you!

4. Family is everything


It seems like sometimes it takes tough situations to really realize what is important in life. Before all of these family events started, I was so concerned and frustrated about my ankle injury preventing me from running, but things have definitely been put into perspective these past few weeks. My family (and Bart) are my rock and in these situations, I realize that outside of my faith, nothing else really matters. I’m so lucky to have such a great support system and can only hope that all of you reading have at least one person in your life who is the same.

5. I really want a dog…


I have literally been trying to convince Bart to let me get a dog for almost a year now. I’ve made him promise to revisit this conversation (and seriously consider it) this summer and have now started dog-shopping around the internet. I’m convinced I need to find the perfect breed to get him onboard– a medium-sized dog that can run with me, is easily trainable, and sooooo cute. I honestly would take any doggy, but Bart is picky so these are the guardrails I have to work within. Fingers crossed my new family member is somewhere out there, waiting for me to adopt him within the next month or two…

6. Strength workouts are hard, but kind of worth it


I like cardio. You all know that already since I’m now obsessed with running and spent 12 years before this as a pool-rat. But ever since my latest injury, I’ve been trying to focus on getting 1 to 2 good strength workouts in each week so I can prevent any injuries from happening again. This morning’s strength workout was pretty killer–going into my second set of deadlifts, I basically wanted to quit and go hop on a treadmill to run the final 20 minutes of my workout. But pushing through these workouts has done a lot for me mentally and I feel stronger on my runs, so I’m sticking to my game plan and keeping these in my life!

Well there you have it–my mind in a nutshell. Hope you’re all having a wonderful week and don’t have any problems powering through these next few days before another weekend is upon us! 🙂


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