A Rainy Weekend + Week of Workouts

Hi there and happy Monday!

Even though this past weekend was filled with rain, it definitely was one of the better weekends I’ve had lately. Here are a few of the highlights:

My grandpa ended up coming through his surgery last Thursday successfully and has been feeling much better ever since, which was wonderful news after a stressful few weeks. My grandma, while not much better health-wise, has been in good spirits since she got to see my grandpa again this past weekend, which is as good of news as we can expect at this point. So all in all, much better than how things have been trending lately!

I officially signed for a new apartment!! This was completely random– there really wasn’t any need for me to move from my current place, but I’m always up for a little change and started half-looking over the past few weeks. Thursday morning I found an apartment with an incredible view of the city located right next to my office and decided to tour it Friday afternoon before heading back to Eastern Washington for the weekend. Well, lo and behold I ended up falling in love with it and signed on the dotted line Sunday afternoon. As if the next two weeks of my life weren’t crazy and jam-packed enough, now I can add packing and cleaning to my to-do list. Good thing I like being busy 🙂


Bart and I got in a killer 6-miler on Saturday with tons of hills and ended up holding 8:02/mile pace! My ankle has been a little tender lately, so I was bound and determined to hold back a little and just enjoy Bart’s company on my jaunt, but apparently nice and easy is still a pretty solid pace. Can’t wait to see what my speed-work looks like!!


Bart and I headed back to my parent’s house this weekend and got to spend time with my other grandparents and my dad for the weekend, which was wonderful as usual. Bart got in a round of golf and I got in a pedicure and a chick-flick filled Saturday. Elle clearly enjoyed the restful movie-filled weekend too (and yes–my parents’ Beagle has a funky eye). Now, we’re heading into our week relaxed and ready to attack our crazy to-do lists!

Hope your weekend was equally relaxing and enjoyable! Now onto today’s typical Monday fun…

Weekly Workouts


Another solid week of runs and strength sessions meant my coach agreed to up my mileage a little more than we initially planned, which I couldn’t be more stoked about! Running totally trumps spending hours on the elliptical, so it’s nice to be back to more of a normal workout cadence outside. This was my first week hitting 15 total running miles and my legs are handling it great so far! Strength training has been going really well and I’m starting to feel a lot stronger during my runs, especially when I end up running hills around my neighborhood. Hopefully I can keep it up this week so I can focus a little more on speed before my 10K in 4 weeks!

Monday — AM 5-mile easy run (8:08 pace)+ PM Hip-Strength Circuit.

Tuesday45 minutes of RPM + a 15-minute upper body circuit.

WednesdayAM– 4-mile run w/ middle mile at moderate pace (8:18 average pace) + PM session of strength.

Thursday 45-minute elliptical (1:00 hard hill/2:00 easy circuit) + Total Body Strength Circuit.

FridayPure Barre.

Saturday 6-mile rainy run (8:02 pace).

Sunday– Rest


Now onto my normal Monday activities. Thanks for the link-up Meghan! Have a fabulous day folks!


8 thoughts on “A Rainy Weekend + Week of Workouts

  1. I am so glad your grandpa’s surgery went well – and that your grandma has picked up a little now that she’s gotten to see him!

    Congratulations on the new apartment! Jesse and I looked at one over the weekend that was perfect and now we’re just waiting to hear back if we got it (as there were SO many people interested!).


  2. I’m so glad your grandfather is feeling better! I prayed for him and love answered prayer. Your week looks solid! How do you like working with a coach? I have mixed feelings on this and would love your experience.


    • Thank you SO much for the prayer Ellie! I completely believe in the power of prayer and am so happy God has blessed my family with more time with my grandparents. So far, I LOVE working with a coach. I’m someone who has been known to push myself too hard in my training, so it’s nice to have someone to tell me when to take my foot off the gas and have easier weeks 🙂

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