Speedy Crossfit Circuit

Hi there! How’s your Tuesday so far? Hopefully it’s off to a fabulous start and the rest of the day stays that way! My Monday was pretty hectic. I’m not gonna lie–once I got home from my office on Monday evening, I was hesitant to even pull this post together. I pretty much just wanted to face plant into my bed and call it a day, even though I really should be cleaning my apartment for it’s showing on Wednesday, or packing up my room, or doing something else slightly more productive…

But I chose to check in with all of you because of this awesome crossfit-inspired circuit I was able to throw together last minute this afternoon (Monday) and finish before I left work today! And trust me, if you’re feeling competitive and are ready to push yourself, it can be totally killer.

I think one of the greatest parts of not being in the middle of a training cycle for a race is I have the flexibility to really play around with my workouts and add in a lot more strength training and circuit-style workouts than I’ll probably get the chance to in July once I’m fully engulfed in marathon training. Keeping my strength up is definitely one of the goals I’ve talked about with my coach and while we both think it’s important for the sake of injury prevention, my main focus is definitely going to be running, so these fun little sweat-breakers probably won’t be all too common until after October.

So for now I’ll embrace the break and keep pushing myself in other ways–aka this killer circuit. I have to preface this–I’ve never actually taken a crossfit class. It’s on my to-do list with Bart since I think he would LOVE the challenge, but I just haven’t found the right gym to try out yet. Some day the stars will align and I’ll actually sign up for a class, but until then, I’ve done a little research on what to expect and have found that crossfit classes tend to focus part of their time on circuits similar to this one that have a great mix of cardio and strength moves. For this one, all you need is a rowing machine and your gorgeous self–but you could easily swap out the rowing for running or elliptical or whatever else may tickle your fancy.

The key to making this a challenge is to time yourself for each round that you do. If you’re competitive at all like me, then you’ll push to better your time as your progress and end up breaking a killer sweat by the end, no matter how many miles you can run!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 5.36.55 PM.png

This left me huffing and puffing by the end. Although I only did one round this afternoon, I managed to finish it in 10:34–so obviously my goal next time will be sub-10 minutes. This also left me remembering why I LOVE/HATE burpees so much. The things you forget when you make your own workouts and aren’t controlled by swim coaches anymore… 🙂

Now to attack some chores before calling it a day (my posts are written a day early–remember 🙂 ). Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!


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