First Weekend in a New Apartment & Weekly Workouts

Why oh why do weekends around here seem to fly by so quickly? I feel like I just get in the groove of staying up later and sleeping in and then it’s back to 5:30 AM wake up calls and full days in the office. I can’t complain too much this week though– I’m now less than 10 days away from a two-week Eurotrip,so I guess it’s a bit of a blessing that time has been passing so quickly! 🙂

This past weekend was another pretty relaxing one, despite finding out some difficult news about the health of my grandpa (prayers & good vibes are appreciated!). Seattle weather was crazy hot, so while Bart & I got outside when shopping around downtown and eating dinner Friday night, I was a-okay with being in air conditioned buildings and cars for most of it.

I actually did a halfway decent job of taking pictures to capture the highlights (aside from Sunday), so let’s just recap the weekend in photos, shall we?


Friday night was spent dining al fresco at our favorite 520 Bar & Grill in downtown Bellevue. Hint: their nachos are bomb & pairing them with a glass of sparkling Rose makes for the perfect Friday evening meal.


First run in a few weeks happened on Saturday morning! Three and a half pain-free miles at a fairly decent speed for not having ran in a while. I bought some new running shoes this weekend, so hopefully pain-free running becomes more of the norm now.


Shortly after said-run, my latest breakfast favorite happened– PB Puffins, fresh raspberries & almond milk. Plus a side of coffee because I don’t even want to try functioning without it at this point.


We both needed a few more things before our trip next week, so Saturday was spent shopping around downtown Seattle. As mentioned, the weather was beyond gorgeous, so it was nice to be outside walking around in the city.

Sunday was spent brunching & catching up with some of our best friends, prepping for the week ahead, and hunkering down in my apartment near the A/C– it was 95 degrees, which is insane for Seattle!

Now onto a quick recap of my week of workouts!

Weekly Workouts


This past week was a decent one in terms of workouts considering how crazy busy I was. I actually got in 6 legit workouts, which makes me very happy! As mentioned earlier, I attempted running again for the first time in a few weeks and was pain-free throughout the entire 3.5 miles! Hopefully that means I’m on my way to getting back to my normal running cadence. Fingers crossed since marathon training starts in a few weeks!

Monday — AM 45-mile hilly elliptical workout + Hip-Strength Circuit

Tuesday — 45 minutes of RPM + a 15-minute upper body circuit.

Wednesday— AM– 45-minute elliptical (more hill work) + session of hip-strength

Thursday — 60-minute hilly elliptical + 10 minutes of core.

Friday— Pure Barre.

Saturday— 3.5-mile run + 10-minute core circuit & extra stretching

Sunday– Off

Now go enjoy your Monday! 🙂 Thanks for the link-up Meghan!